Tod Bailey

Growing up in Canton, TX, Tod Bailey knew nothing of the art world. It wasn’t until his mid 20’s, when a switch in majors from PE to Journalism at East Texas State University brought him to his path in art. Professor Ivana Spalatin urged him to “follow [his] bliss” and that he did. He was selected for a juried show at his school and from that point on his focus was on songwriting and art.

Throughout his young life, this robust creator has had the fortune to travel the world. In 2011 he found himself in Castelnuovo Berardenga, Italy and then in Paris where he studied in the 19th Arrondissement at the atelier of artist and sculptor, Agata Rybarczyk.

Back stateside; Tod was the studio assistant for the late painter, Dick Wray, who inspired Tod to fill his work with truth and integrity. Constantly working drunk or hung-over, Wray said to him, “Do you drink while you paint? Don’t do that! I want to see what you do, not the booze. Be true.”

As a result, Tod has been sober since June 2014.

Tod’s vivacious, neo-expressionist paintings display the conflicts of the human heart, from love and loss, to sex and sorrow, and everything in between. His works morph from a single feeling and bloom into myriad emotions and questions. The work then manifests itself in the answers he’s been looking for, often with faces, animals and a phallic symbol (or six) present.

You’ll have to ask Tod about that one.