Ted Casablanca is a collection of contemporary artists, with a strong emphasis on transformative vision. Included in our highly curated family are artists everywhere from Santa Monica to Dallas to Paris. But, Palm Springs, with its strong history of Phoenix-like beauty (hello, it’s the desert, we really shouldn’t be here) remains one of our guiding inspirations.

Mid-century landmarks and design. Incomparable architecture. Hollywood play-time debauchery. What’s not to love?

We also like to challenge the notion of what is art. Beauty is in the eye of the opinionated, is it not?



It’s now where it began.

My mother, AAW Bibby, is an artist, and I studied sculpture and painting from a very early age. I began with welded-steel assemblages (ARC-welder in the garage) as a kid, but by the time I’d graduated from CalArts, I decided to pursue a journalism career instead.

I did that for about two decades and change. What first began with film journalism at Premiere magazine eventually morphed into an all-out, absolutely prurient ride in the gossip business, first in print, then online, then TV. My mother was entirely mortified— she’d turn off the television whenever I came on. She shut that set (think it was an RCA) down a lot in the ‘90s and up to 2013, when I took a hiatus to write a novel, just finished. While the book is being published, I decided it was time to return to my first love—art. I remained friends with many artists, collected their work, admired their genius; it’s an environment I’ve always thrived in and been highly attracted to, a most natural place for me to revisit.

I also think the arts world is one of the smartest, sharpest communities thriving today: Painting, photography, video, sculpture, online, hell, so many mediums can take you to the same place that really good reporting and writing do— perhaps a place you didn’t expect to arrive.

And that’s where we take you at ted casablanca gallery.


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