Ted Casablanca Gallery was founded by Bruce Bibby in 2015 in Palm Springs, CA.

We did phenomenally well, can I say we sold over a hundred grand per year, in the two years we were open? I guess I just did. That’s a lotta sales for a second-tier art market, which Palms Springs is considered.

Forgive my braggart Hollywood manners (lived there for a two decades while covering the town as a journalist).

But the original business plan for TCG included my own welded sculpture, which was my metier before I became a journalist.  But the gallery’s stellar group of artists took almost all my time and sweat, rewarding as that was.

So I left my fancy address on Palm Canyon Blvd and got a working studio in Cathedral City; and I’ve perspired copiously, not to mention bruised, burned and bemused myself with heavy-steel fabrication and assemblage, which is my concentration of choice.

That’s a mother at age 58, I’m telling you.

But I love it. First show will be 2/23/19, studio location to be announced. You must come.

Because my partner and are moving to Sacramento, CA, immediately after. I have always wanted to live in Northern California, and I’ll be returning to journalism there, including keeping TCG alive with new works and an unbelievably cool location.

It is divine.

Plus, works will always be available and for show online.


Studio Hours

  • Open by appointment only.


  • Carmichael, CA