James Baran

James Baran, a native of Chicago, holds a BS from the College of Fine Arts and an MS from the College of Arts and Sciences, Illinois State University. He lives seasonally in London and Palm Springs.

Baran records London urban life as enlivened by street performers, skateboarders and pedestrians; as reflected in fashion-conscious West End store windows; and as editorialized East End street-artist provocateurs.

While at university studying literature and music, James’ interest in photography took firm hold, and he studied “Photography as Art” with Robert Stefl in the early 1980s, made his own gelatin silver prints, and experimented with double exposure and urban landscape.

With a career as an award-winning publications designer, Baran draws effectively upon his design background to enlighten his photographic compositions. His awards include Best Cover Photography (AM&P Excel Awards, 2009 and 2011).

James’ photography has been exhibited at Grace Arts, and is currently shown at Skidmore Art Gallery, Galena, IL.