Casey Sheppard

Two elements flamed Casey Sheppard’s passion for tools and fashion; her grandfather’s Nebraska lumberyard, where she learned to explore and respect the tools it contained, and a move to New York City in her early 20’s, which enveloped Casey in the world of high fashion.

NYC found Casey discovering herself through its rawness. Finding the way in her sexuality and gender, Casey pushed these influences into her work–creating all elements of her pieces, from chain to clasp and beyond, by hand. Feeling a need to set rules and prove not only to herself, but to others that, as a self-taught artisan, she was technical metal smith.

2015 saw Casey leaving her home and comforts to venture life on the road.

She literally became a nomad, which informs her art to this day.

Casey’s 38-square-foot van has transformed into her work/live space. From coastlines to alleyways and everything in between, she travels across the states teaching workshops, participating in bike events and visiting universities, the place where she lands for the night then becomes her new inspiration and studio.

Relying on found items and gifts graciously given from others, Casey turns these materials into her works of art. This daring and brave journey has made Casey realize there are no rules to what she does and that she has nothing to prove to anyone, including herself.