There’s a new show bringing springtime back to the desert. As the cool weather fades and the green leaves on the palm trees begin to blossom back to life, Ted Casablanca artist, Johnny Nicoloro, takes the chance to capture the beautiful flowers he comes across in the desert during the gallery’s “Naked And Lush” exhibit.

Nicoloro’s images, comprised of brilliantly colored flower prints and one-of-a kind chairs, expose his love for flowers and beautiful floral patterns. The flowers themselves either comes from the ones that he has come upon out in the world, flowers people have given him, or flowers that he has bought specifically to shoot. He mentions that the beauty and the joy that flowers bring constantly amaze him.

“Generally, I am inspired by color, joy and goodness...My hydrangea bushes are my prized possessions. Most likely I got my love of flowers from my mother, and the spell of the Virgin Mary from my Grandma Amada. When I was a kid my mom had hydrangea bushes that I thought were magical.”

Nicoloro’s double exposures capture two consecutive moments in the same frame with 20 seconds set for both exposures before it reverts to single exposure. Nicoloro mentions that he never knows exactly what is going to show up. The part of each capture that will shine through in the end is a mystery

“For me double exposure is broken down into three parts: me, the camera, and God; most definitely not necessarily in that order.”

Ted Casablanca owner, Bruce Bibby, whose new works is also featured in the show, says "Johnny Nicoloro's latest double-exposure photographs and furniture prints are like taking an acid trip with Lady Gaga and Martha Stewart. He's wildly intoxicating, beautifully lush in his images like he's never been before, a must-see.”

The Naked And Lush two-artist show, featuring Nicoloro’s work alongside artist, Eric Schwabel, will be his fourth Ted Casablanca show, and his second two-artist show. You can see more of Johnny Nicoloro’s work featured during the “Naked And Lush” exhibit beginning Saturday, April 22, 2017. An opening reception will take place that day from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.