Palm Springs, California’s Modernism Week, taking place February 16 through February 26, 2017 aims to “celebrate and foster appreciation of midcentury architecture and design, as well as contemporary thinking in these fields, by encouraging education, preservation and sustainable modern living as represented in the greater Palm Springs area.” The display of the Modernism-themed show at Ted Casablanca Gallery by Roger Groth titled, “Modernology” will coincide with the celebration. 

“Modernology” will not be the first time Groth creates a classic, mid-century advertising-inspired exhibition for the gallery that takes place during Modernism Week. The artist seems to draw from the past and continues to capture the beauty of Palm Springs by creating a feel-good combination of classic Modernism combined with the Palm Springs lifestyle that is seen today. 

“The last show we did had one of the biggest openings of a Gallery that I've seen here in the Desert, which tells me there is a real hunger for the kind of work that Ted Casablanca Gallery is showing.”

Roger Groth’s paintings create deep textures through multiple layers of color, sand, paper and other mixed media.  His art has been featured in galleries from Sonoma County to The Berkshires, and has also been sold by Neiman Marcus, Pottery Barn and other major retailers.  

The California native, whose fine art and graphic design has been singled-out for praise by House Beautiful, Better Homes & Gardens, Print Magazine and other media, can pin the inspiration for his contemporary canvases to the Golden State’s sunny lifestyle of the 1950’s and 60’s. 

“Growing up in sunny California inspires my art and my life in beautiful Palm Springs. In addition, my interest in classic, mid-century advertising and the American dream also influence me. I am generally inspired by our easy, laid-back Desert lifestyle with a nod to the past.”

The annual celebration of midcentury modern design and the idea of modernism itself is an inspiration for Roger Groth’s “Modernology,” explaining that “the title of the show is a simple combination of Modernism and the ideology that inspires so much of it.” 

Roger Groth’s “Modernology” will be on display at the Ted Casablanca Art Gallery beginning Palm Springs’ Modernism Week in mid-February. You can learn more about the artist and what inspires on the gallery’s website at tedcasablanca.com/roger-groth.