Bright and vibrant color schemes, mid-century fashion, and imagism that takes elements from the architectural-style best associated with Palm Springs. Photographer, Monica Orozco’s, Mid-Century Modern exhibition manages to capture all of these elements and more in her own carefully crafted self-portraits.  

Orozco, who has created two shows with modernism themes for Ted Casablanca Art Gallery, is reexamining the subject for another show that will coincide with Palm Springs’ Modernism Week taking place in mid-February.

The upcoming show at the Ted Casablanca Art Gallery titled, “Mid-Century Crisis,” is a take on the Mid Century design that she loves taken during a time when she felt that she was losing it.

“My original intention was to shoot cute, happy female characters from the 50’s—pretty straightforward. I wanted to show elements of Palm Springs design and architecture—incorporating landscapes as well—in what would be a new series of self-portraits. But then I hit a wall in my personal life.”

Orozco managed to turn the personal hardships she faced into various characters spanning different eras, from mid-century, to mod, to other retro periods. Ted Casablanca Gallery Director, Bruce Bibby (aka Ted Casablanca), explains the resulting show on modernism best by recognizing the power that comes from coming face-to-face with all that is going on in the public and personal sphere.

"Self-portrait photographer Monica Orozco is back badder, better than ever. If Donald Trump were ever afraid of a nasty-woman, Mid-Century-centric artist, here she is."

Orozco took the opportunity in her upcoming show to stand in solidarity for the “nasty women” akin to Hillary Clinton who are fighting for equality.

“I shot the last batch of photos after the election took place. As an American woman of Mexican descent, I felt hurt, betrayed, and disillusioned that my fellow Americans would elect that man. It was not an image of America I was proud of, and my mood is reflected in the photos. Being 46—shouting distance from my own mid-century mark, single, and buffeted by the election, anxiety was in full force. A friend suggested ‘Mid-Century Crisis,’ which fit perfectly. I owe him an expertly crafted top shelf Manhattan.”

Monica Orozco and the upcoming show, “Mid-Century Crisis,” will be on display at the Ted Casablanca Art Gallery beginning February 16, 2017, and will coincide with Palm Spring, CA’s Modernism Week. You can learn more about the artist and what inspires her at tedcasablanca.com/monica-orozco.