It’s important to fight back. It’s not just about insane homophobia that’s more out of control than ever (clearly, we’ve regressed since Matthew Shepard, despite the gains of gay marriage and anti-bullying campaigns), but also the urgent needs for more effective gun control.

May Hillary win in November, please, on both counts.

Bret Philpot’s a Palm Springs sculptor and painter who’s consistently been concerned about discord, particularly the Salton Sea, as of late. How society destroys, creates, re-destroys, that sort of thing.

Bret’s 2014 acrylic painting ,“Kiev,” as well as several of his other pieces, touch on this corrosive, at times 911-esque dynamic we’re forced not only to endure, but to recover from. Bret’s a sensitive guy that way, he cheers us to better ourselves, to move on. To rally.

So, I can’t think of a better man to ask us to help cope with the tragedies that just happened in Orlando. Because that’s one of the many beauties of art, it helps us resolve things. Sometimes gives us the strength and answers when we don’t think we have either.

And Bret’s partner, Brian Wilson, is a big giver, as well. Clearly, they help each other, and today, it’s folks like Bret and Brian I’d like to look up to–local pillars in the community who are not only unafraid to show their affection for each other, but guys who encourage us all to do the same.

All the while standing our ground.

Remember it’s important to revolt. Just do it right.