Chase Langford has a wicked-cool mouth. He also paints like he talks. The man is invested, both in what he creates, and what he says.

Even though I know Chase through my years in Hollywood, where Chase still maintains a home, he’s remained a constant in my life, more so, because of his talents as an artist. But, I have to admit it certainly helps that Chase is one of the most personable artists in the biz.

And that’s not all: Viewing Chase’s works, whether it be his more well-known paintings, or his works on paper (now showing with the ted casablanca gallery show, “Genesis On Paper”), is nearly always a captivating experience. His pieces are lofty but accessible. They’re highly informed, yet not heavy-handed in format, or topic.

His is a mapmaker’s beginning with a journeyman’s soul living in the now.

And I think that’s because this artist is wholly, and passionately, dedicated to what he does. Chase isn’t a dilettante, nor is he a snob. He’s charmingly, and winningly, happy to explain why he’s currently one of the country’s most successful and important artists.

Take a listen, a look and get to know why.