Apparently, a lot of folks.

Jim Cox’s fiercely scaled photograph, “JT Muscles Out a Thought Or Two: Don’t Make Me Hard or I’ll Crack,” has been a watershed of intense reaction for TCG, all over the emotional map. Shock. Delight. Envy. Distaste. Everything an exacting artist should require from his or her audience (in my mind).

Then we have Houston painter Tod Bailey’s even more intensely magnified moments of sexuality, all thrown–deliberately, exquisitely–in our faces. Palpable moments of gender-dancing the young artist has experienced the last moment, the last decade, we get to enjoy vicariously, all through his massively indulgent, thickened oils.

Again, observers are either put off by Tod’s emotional intensity–or quite drawn to it (two works sold before the show even opened).

And now nomadic sculptress Casey Sheppard, whose mod, Tina-Turner-like wearable art is hitting a delightfully decadent note with mainly women (I wish more men!), just got declined from Facebook because Casey’s most ambitious piece, “Cherry 2000,” was being modeled by a naked woman.

It’s funny, because some prissy types objected when I first posted Jim’s “”JT” piece online. However, FB said it was all ok, calm down, because Jim’s piece was art, which it is.

But, apparently a naked woman modeling art is not alright. Ok, I get it. The gallery can play by the social-media rules, however oddly they seem to be formatted.

It just begs the question: why are people so fractured, all over the fucking place, simply because of nudity? What’s the big deal?

When I wrote about Hollywood, I was constantly writing some shit about somebody doing something or other naked (warning: it’s also what my upcoming book’s all about, folks, so don’t buy it if you don’t like prurient, exhibitionistic debauchery).

Is it okay to write about nudity, but not show it? Did Robert Mapplethorpe teach us nothing?

Yo, America: Penises, vaginas and breasts have been art-world subjects for centuries.

Have Europe, Asia and most of the rest of the world not taught us anything? Not only is it ok to have a woman head your government, but it’s considered quite chic to embrace how very beautiful, and inspiring, our bodies can be.

Pity the myopic U.S. of A., in this regard.

Can’t wait to see what Donald Trump would put in White House.

(Hillary wouldn’t be afraid of decent Jim Cox nude, I guarantee you.)