Bret Philpot’s October-1 show, “Reverberation,” is Ted Casablanca Gallery’s very first one-artist show. Hooray! We couldn’t be more proud to have local painter and sculptor Philpot’s musically inspired collection, a study of the translation of sound onto surfaces in a language he understands.

For Philpot, “Reverberation” is a new adventure, allowing music to steer his work in a direction that his previous collectors may be unaccustomed to.

“These works represent the fusion of many different influences,” says Bret. “It’s like uniting the sounds and lights of the Sahara Tent with the deep cultural landscape of Northern New Mexico.”

“Bret Philpot is a local legend who has a truly moving breadth of contemporary work, ranging from hard-line acrylic paintings to sculptural cubes to haunting cityscapes,“ says TCG curator Bruce Bibby. “As a creative force, Bret invariably pops–it’s his constant, he’s never predictable.”

‘Reverberation’ is a true, mid-career high point for Bret.”

The show runs through Nov. 1.